What is Lekhapal.com?

Lekhapal.com is easy to use online accounting software, which is accessible online, anywhere with internet connection at anytime.

How do I setup my Lekhapal.com account?

Simply go to signup page and fill up form, then you can use Lekhapal.com completely free for 30 days which gives you opportunity to explore accounting systems.

How safe is my data?

Very safe. We maintain strict security standards and procedures with a view to preventing unauthorized access to your data by anyone, including our staff. Our systems are monitored and audited by our dedicated server administration team who regularly apply security patches to keep our software up to date.

Can I get my data from Lekhapal.com?

You can export your data anytime you wish.

How long does my data stay in Lekhapal.com?

You must have activation to use your data. We store your data upto 45 days from the date of closed account. You can export your data at anytime on that period.

How much does Lekhapal.com costs?

Please visit http://www.lekhapal.com/pricing.php for more information.

How lekhapal.com supports customer & what is cost?

Lekhapal.com provide free email support at support@lekhapal.com.

For other support please contact us at support@lekhapal.com;

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